Eclectic is the best way to describe both my writing and my interests.

I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music at York University and my Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. For better than two decades I was a high school music department head. I’ve been a professional classical musician and I still play jazz gigs on a regular basis.

As a teacher and clinician, I’ve conducted workshops ranging from improving your school band to tips on pitching magazines and newspapers. I've taught keelboat sailing and I’ve been a safe boating instructor. In my pursuit of the perfect story I've learned to cook in Morocco, chased grizzly bears in the Yukon and skippered a sailboat in the Adriatic. The results of these adventures have appeared in newspapers from The Globe and Mail to Washington Post and in magazines from Dreamscapes to Saltscapes.

I currently serve as national co-president of the Travel Media Association of Canada.

Caledon, just north of Toronto, is the place I call home, along with professional photographer
Sharon Matthews-Stevens and a cat named “Tuxedo.”